What is the Genially Academy?

The Genially Academy is the definitive learning community for mastering the art of creating communication experiences.

Navigate through a universe of courses and microlearning that will make you become a specialist in interactive visual communication and that will help you to master Genially as well as it’s full potential to create a new generation of content.

Discover a new way to learn how to communicate like never before and take your content to the next level. For all levels, for all professional industries.

The Genially Academy is your academy, it is for you.

A knowledge space
for everyone
that aspires
to change the world, to
stand out and to lead a new
generation of content.

The academy is born

In a time of information overload and content that is arduous and hard to understand, the Genially Academy is born to meet the needs of our community and society in general.

It is an innovative project focused on people and on facilitating knowledge about effective and visual communication.

For that reason, in 2020, the Genially Academy is born, the all-in-one environment to learn how to communicate, design, and train in a way that is different, visual, and effective, through Genially. It is a knowledge space for everyone that aspires to change the world, to stand out, and to lead a new generation of content.

Awesome educators

Our team of educators will guide you through multidisciplinary and specialized content.
Implicated professionals that will transform your learning into a complete experience.

An awesome team at your disposal.

About our courses

Our courses, organized by categories and levels, will allow you to learn the keys to effective communication, captivating design, the most innovative training, and the creation of awesome experiences.

Make your content more memorable thanks to storytelling, make your audience tremble with gamified content, and hook your audience with presentations. Transform yourself in a professional of visual communication and create interactive content, in minutes, without programming knowledge and master all aspects of Genially. What do you want your next great communication success to be? Navigate through our catalog and choose your ideal course.

The Academy commandments

To revolutionize communication,
you just have to share our values:

And you,

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this Awesome Academy?

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