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What is animation?

Give your creations an added value.


1. What is it?

The pillars of any culture that we look at over time, from their beginnings, have a common wish: bring life to inanimate objects

Whether through drawings, such as cave paintings that represent animals such as bison with 6 or 8 legs, simulating movement. Or, through storytelling, such as with fables and popular tales, humans search for life in inanimate objects.

With the arrival of the cinema, animation took a qualitative jump and, now in the present day, we can talk about elaborate animation techniques that fascinate both young and old.

In this way, we can say that animation, understood as part of human nature, is the expression of movement that we give to static elements in order to bring them to life with spectacular visual effects that captivate your audience. By applying rhythm and senses to static objects, we transform them into animation. 

2. Why use animation?

Static, lifeless documents have filled our meetings, presentations, classes, and daily life for years, making them less attractive and dynamic.

Say goodbye to boredom. Visual effects, like animation, enrich our communication and transform static content into fantastic animated creations.

Animation provides us with an added value since it isn’t only bringing objects to life. It’s perfect for organizing ideas hierarchically and helping our audience focus on the most important concepts.

3. Awesome animation

In Genially, we can talk about different types of animation. On the one hand, there are resources available that contain a predefined animation, such as the case with interactive elements, which include an effect when hovering over them, making them dynamic. 

If you want something on a bigger scale, you can try the animated backgrounds available in the editor in order to achieve an immediate wow effect.

You can find some illustrations and scenes within the resources gallery. You can also access the biggest gallery of GIFs online, Giphy, directly from the editor. 

Animation also accompanies us in page transitions.

On top of that, you can always make use of animation per se, that we can apply to any element on the canvas, be it text, an image, or any other element, giving it movement and organizing your content.


Entrance animations allow you to create a WOW effect on each page of your genially.


Determine with what movement an element leaves the canvas. We can set the scene of our creation this way as well as focus our audience's attention on a specific element.


You can use it as a call to action, since an element in movement can indicate that it is clickable.

Hover mouse:

This can also be useful for the creation of buttons and to indicate that an element has interactivity.

Remember, animation enriches creations, organizes information hierarchically, and makes interactivity stand out. Get animated, bring life to your creations in Genially, and try to use the more than 1000 available templates. They are full of animation, ready-to-use!