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Genially at university

Many classes. One Genially. Thousands of ways to learn!


Is there a place here for universities as well? This question is asked often by university professors the first time they learn about Genially. The answer is, among the sea of papers, projects, lectures, and congresses, the needs of university professionals require clear and simple information regarding tools that can make their day-to-day easier.

Without a doubt, university classrooms form part of Genially’s biography, so it can be helpful in many aspects! 

7 ways Genially helps with university teaching

Digitize your course

Digital tools are a widely-used teaching resources in all knowledge areas in today’s day and age. We have software available to us that can detect plagiarism, LMS that support our teaching, and tons of IT applications that are helping professors to facilitate the administrative tasks in relation to students without needing to be present on campus.

However, do you really have your subject digitized? More than just uploading a few slides to your virtual classroom to be used as support, the really interesting thing to do is to convert your subject into digital format, or more simply in three words: visually attractive presentations.

The flexibility of the editor menus allow you to adapt it to all branches of study: Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Law, Health Sciences, and Engineering.  Guide yourself with our intuitive interface, because with access to tons of predesigned templates, you can flip the switch on the course that you were looking for.

Digital competencies

Currently, the workforce of tomorrow are well-versed in skills that are unique to Information and Communication Technology. Online learning environments have become the perfect ally for reaching this objective. It is recommended to start getting students used to professional presentation software both in individual as well as group work. This way, they can begin to develop digital competencies which will allow them to “learn by doing”, while also continuing with their learning process.

Record your explanations

An excellent idea when you are finished with the content of one topic is to record the clarifications that you deem necessary. The “Record audio” option allows you to incorporate this added value with which to go deeper into the concepts discussed as well as add examples to reinforce what was learned.

Stand out at conferences

Let’s be honest: no one likes to be boring nor to be bored! Just like there are templates thought out to incorporate content from your subject, there are also some for communications and posters for Conferences and other scientific events. If you are into it and really want to discover Genially, I’d tell you that you can even use it to give Conferences that digital touch: virtual stands, corporate dossiers, and promotional material. 

Course guides

Course guides, also known as the University’s Holy Book, is a document that typically requires a fine tuning each academic year, or in the best case, clarifications on the frequently used terms. What if you created a presentation that attracts students to ensure that they read it? Genially can be integrated in websites, blogs, CMS, and in most LMS (Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology…) which means you can upload your course guide without complications on these platforms.

Thesis and Capstone project templates

If it’s convenient to incentivize students on their use of professional digital tools, this convenience gets even stronger when we talk about a project that is the culmination of an academic level. The creation of a capstone or thesis project implies knowing how to demonstrate the ability to apply what one has learned, as well as showing that they possess the related skills. And not just that, through use of the presentation, they should also demonstrate their mastery of digital tools and other sources for research and searching for information.

In Genially, we have created templates for capstone and thesis projects with some blocks of content that can guide students to reflect upon the key parts.

An added bonus of motivation

Stand out above the rest. Incorporate interactivity and animation, create questionnaires, discover gamification, … be the professor with a smile that we all remember from our university days (oh! what a time!).

These are only a few of the features of Genially for universities. We like to be an approachable team, contact us if you need any additional resources, from training to personalized templates.

And one last thing: thank you… for letting us learn and teach at your side!