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Academic presentations in Genially.

What is an Undergraduate or Master’s Thesis?

An undergraduate (capstone) or Master’s Thesis represents the last step in attaining a degree. This is an essential stage in finishing a particular academic path, regardless of your university.

The thesis is different from other papers that had to be written in different courses, mainly due to its scientific nature. That is to say, it requires profound research into a particular phenomenon or event in time, which could be both physical or social, having a concrete objective and obtaining results. It acts as a nexus between academic knowledge and professional environment, contributing to the resolution of a specific problem.

It is in this final phase of studies when, through a research study, the competencies and skills related to a specific degree are evaluated and where, without a doubt, knowledge is put into practice. In other words: It 's the last stretch!

How to face it

As it is a requirement for finishing a degree, it’s essential to have some tips that will help to make your research a bit easier. This way, you’ll know which steps will take you more time, thereby helping you to stay organized in the best way possible:

  • Choose a topic that you are interested in. 
  • Come to an agreement with your mentor or thesis director to hand in chapters on a weekly basis. 
  • Have a well-thought out plan to not leave everything until the last minute. 
  •  Access the best possible bibliography.  
  • Create a presentation worthy of a true professional! Get to know the most important parts to include in your defense and show the panel your mastery of the chosen subject.

How Genially can help with this task

We all know of cases in which the research was extremely in-depth, however points were lost in the evaluation due to having a poor presentation. It’s worth it to dedicate time to creating the slides within the presentation because they will serve as a guide during the oral exposition.

An interactive presentation will attract the attention of your audience whether you are giving it in-person or if it is presented virtually online. For that reason, Genially has templates available specifically for Undergraduate and Master’s Theses, with inspiration for blocks of content and predesigned sections that will help you reach your goals.

Stay up-to-date with the Genially Academy and our blog, where we publish high-quality and useful information for the creation of your capstone project or thesis.

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