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Genially for designers:

The great ally of the most creative minds.


If you make up part of the group of people obsessed with paragraph alignment, that can’t stop analyzing color choices on a restaurant’s menu, or that enjoys, on occasion, well made credits more than the actual movie, congratulations! You are probably a designer (in the good and the bad).


This microlearning is for all of you: to tell you why Genially should be and will be one of the most indispensable tools in your day-to-day why you are going to love it, and I’ll give you an example. Because, yes, us designers understand better with images, that’s just how we are.


Genially? What’s that?

Genially is an online tool with which you can design tons of things: presentations, video presentations, headers for social media, announcements, infographics… Basically any creation that is done by those dedicated to design. It has functionalities that will delight your day-to-day and that will bring your designs to life, making them the perfect complement to your Adobe suite tools. That always comes in handy!


Reasons why Genially is a basic tool for creative work:

It works as a cloud

Since it is online, you save yourself from having to download a software, and it also makes sharing creations super easy! Forget about compatibility problems or file sizes of attachments. Your genially can be viewed on any device and operating system, without needing to download anything!

Genially + your favorite tools = <3

It combines wonderfully with our Adobe programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, etc; adapting to the reality of a designer’s work flow and enriching their creations even more.


At Genially, we are so proud of our design team that creates templates full of style and versatility. They can inspire you, or you can use them exactly as they come (we won’t judge) for your next creation.

A canvas for your resources

There is no problem if the resources that Genially offers aren’t enough for you. You can upload your own resources: illustrations, videos, gifs, … and not only from your computer, but also resources that you have uploaded to Youtube or Giphy, among other platforms. 

Give them that “extra touch”

On top of all that, you can also add animation, entrance and exit effects, interactivity, … to bring them to life. It’s like doing animation and web design, but in a super easy way. An all-in-one.

Show the world what you do

Genially is a fantastic tool for building your portfolio, creating mockups for clients, or even making your own microsite. Since it is an online platform, it also allows you to share your design in many different ways as soon as you are finished. Do you want to take the digital world by storm?


These are just a few of the characteristics that make Genially the greatest ally for creative minds. We’re sure you’ll find many more. So… shall we make amazing things?

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