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6 awesome reasons for using templates

Creating spectacular interactive and animated content in Genially is easier than ever, thanks to the more than 1,000 templates available within the panel. Templates are creations full of interactivity and animation ready for you to add all of your content. Do you want to know why they are so awesome? Here are 6 reasons for using them in your next creation: 

1.     Effective design

Our team of designers is at your service to offer you templates full of detail, with awesome fonts and color schemes that combine perfectly with elements and resources that will awaken your audience's interest.

2.     Intuitive and fast

They are easy to use. Click on the text boxes to include your content, replace images with your own graphic resources, ... the task is simplified with Genially's intuitive editor and its templates. 

3.     Personalization

Templates, even with their predefined designs, give you the freedom to personalize your creation. Add your text, images, colors, and even play around with the layout of elements and resources. Your personal touch will make the difference.

4.     Interactivity

Stand out among the rest with brief, scaled, and visually appealing content. Templates distribute the content in layers; link different pages: make your audience explore in an intuitive way by generating an immersive environment, similar to real life.

5.     Animation

Templates contain spectacular predefined visual effects that bring your creations to life while also providing an added value: They help to organize your ideas hierarchically so that your audiences focuses on what it really important.

6.     Storytelling

Our brains are specialists in learning from stories. The templates' predefined desgins will help you to link your story with key ideas, improving explanations and providing an added communicative value.

Now that you know the advantages that using templates provides you with, it’s time to explore the 12 categories from Genially’s creation panel. Navigate among the templates and find the path towards your next great communication achievement