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Interactive presentations

Communicate in an animated, entertaining, and visual way.

1 · What are they?

Presentations are the most efficient way to communicate our ideas, stories, and everything else we want to share with our audience.  Turn your presentation into an awesome and entertaining communication experience with  spectacular design and animations by creating your presentation with Genially.  

1.1 · Estimated time to create

More than 2 hours

1.2·  Level of difficulty

Medium- Low

2 · What are they used for?

From a work meeting, to a conference, a lecture, or a project for class, presentations, presentations are a fantastic and useful way to communicate your ideas to your audience.  If you have a story to tell, do it with a presentation.

Meetings, conferences, lectures, tell your story.

3 · Who is it useful for?

If you are in the Training Sector:

Present the content of a lecture or show your class a project in a dynamic and fun way. Share your knowledge.

If you create Digital Content:

Presentations can help you tell a story or narrate an event.

If you are part of a Business:

Liven up your meetings, whether in person or online. Add value to your brand by using presentations with professional, enriched content that captures your audience's attention.

4 · What are the characteristics?

4.1 · TEXT

A presentation should have an average amount of text.

Avoid information overload. Use layers of content, through interactivity, in order to spread out the information. In a good presentation, less is more.

If your objective includes adding a large amount of information, you should consider using a dossier instead of a presentation as this allows for more extensive and detailed text to be added.

4.2 · PAGES

The number of pages usually varies between 15 and 20.


Distribute the information in layers.

Interactivity is important for distributing information in layers of digestible content.

Use tooltips and windows to expand upon the information on the base layer. You can add videos and audio that support your presentation.

Connect your pages to each other to facilitate navigation through the presentation.


Draw the attention.

Animate the entrance of elements to create aesthetic effects that enrich your presentation. Draw your audience's attention to areas with movement. 

Remember to use animation in moderation to keep your audience's attention on what is actually important.


You can embed a large amount of external content.

Make use of embedded elements such as videos, timelines, PDFs, and audios that enrich the presentation and make seeing it more entertaining.

Have a look at our Help Center in order to discover step-by-step guides for some of the content you can integrate.


Find a balance between images and text. 

Text should take a backseat when it comes to presentations. Make images and visual metaphors speak for themselves in order to captivate your audience and allow your message to come across even clearer.


Select the standard navigation mode.

We will select the standard navigation mode in order to change pages in an agile way throughout the presentation.  


Add static or animated backgrounds.

Combine base backgrounds with canvas backgrounds. Remember that base backgrounds will make page transitions more visual, as well as allowing your creation to be displayed amazingly on any device.

4.9 · FORMAT (Dimensions)

The canvas will have a standard size of 1200 x 675 px. You can always modify the canvas to adapt it to your needs.


Choose the configuration that best fits your needs in each moment.

Among the visualization options, you can keep the share Genially option activated.

Keep the Interactivity Indicator activated if you are going to digitally share your presentation with your audience (email, embedded in your blog or webiste).

Remember to keep the Full screen option activated so that your presentation can be clearly viewed.

5 · Structure

Here is a proposal for the structure your presentation can follow:

  1. Cover page
  2. Index
  3. Motivational quote
  4. Objectives
  5. Timeline
  6. Data
  7. Video
  8. Contact


If you want something even easier, choose among our templates and personalize them with your text, font, or images. They contain hundreds of animated resources so that you can obtain professional results in minutes.

6 · Share and download

Work collaboratively and share your Presentation

Spread your message with style. As always, the options to share and download your Genially will depend on your plan, but you can always create and edit from any computer.

The ideal way to share it is by sending the link to view the exclusive page.

You can download your presentation in JPG or PDF to create cards that you can use during your oral presentation. You can also download in HTML5 to maintain interactivity and animation. However, remember that without an internet connection, embedded content will not work (videos, audio, …).

7 · Tricks

Spectacular design

Show off your ideas by using spectacular design. Add pages from Genially templates in order to create a personalized design that helps your ideas not only stand out, but also helps them to be read efficiently, thereby improving your communicative ability

You can add pages from the same template or from another. To do this, click on Pages > "add page" > Genially Templates.

8. An awesome presentation in 5 steps


Begin creating from one of our templates or from scratch.


Add collaborators to your presentation if you want to create together.


Surprise everyone. You only need a device and an internet connection.


Send your presentation by mail, embed it in a blog or website, post it on social media, ...


Monitor your results and check to see what your audience is most interested in.