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Video presentations

Communicate in  an animated, entertaining, and visual way.

1 · What are they?

A video presentation is a series of pages that play like a video.  A specific viewing time for each page is established. The audience receives the information in an animated, enjoyable, and visually-appealing way. The pages continue on their own, but the audience can pause the video presentation to interact with it in some way.

1.1 · Estimated time to create

More than 2 hours

1.2 ·  Level of difficulty


2 · What are they used for?

Use video presentations to communicate your ideas in an animated way.

Tell a story, express your ideas, create galleries, share projects.

3 · Who is it useful for?

If you are in the Training sector

Create project galleries to show-off the results of an activity or design a video presentation that can be projected as a source of inspiration while your class works on an in-class activity.

If you create Digital content

Create video presentations to explain or display images of a news story or event.

If you are part of a Business

You can promote your product or business by making use of a video presentation.

4 · What are the characteristics?

4.1 · Text

Images should take precedence over text.

While planning the automatic page change, be sure to allow enough time for your audience to read the content of the page. Ensure that any and everyone will be able to read everything on the page. Apply the idea that a picture speaks a thousand words to the fullest.

4.2 · Pages

The number of pages usually varies between 10 and 20.

4.3 · Interactivity

Interactivity within a video presentation loses its relevance compared to the content and animation.

 If you would like to create an interactive video presentation, be sure to clearly mark all interactive areas by using  interactive elements or animations that guide your audience so that they know when to pause the presentation and interact with your creation.

4.4 · Animation

Bring your presentations to life with the use of animation.

Remember that the pages will move forward automatically within a timeframe that you configure. Therefore, it is important that you use animation while keeping in mind the transition time and finding a balance in the movement.

4.5 · Integration

You can embed a large amount of external content.

Have a look at our Help Center to discover step-by-step guides with some of the content that you can integrate. You can integrate content directly onto the canvas or within tooltips and windows.

4.6 · Content load

Find a balance between images and text.

Avoid an excessive amount of words so that your audience is able to understand your message in a clear and concise way in the timeframe given for each page.

4.7 · Navigation mode

Select the video navigation mode. You can configure the duration of each page within video mode. To do this, click on the navigation tab and enter the times for each page, either individually or for all pages.

4.8 · Backgrounds

Images should take precedence over text.

Add static or animated backgrounds. Combine base backgrounds with canvas backgrounds.

Remember that base backgrounds will make page transitions more visual as well as allowing your creation to be displayed amazingly on any device.

4.9 · Format (dimensions)

The canvas will have a standard size of 1200 x 675 px.

You can always modify the canvas to adapt it to your needs.

4.10 · Display options

Choose the options that best fit your needs in each moment.

Among the display options, the share Genially option can remain activated.

You can activate the Interactivity indicator.

Remember to keep the Full screen option activated so that your video presentation is displayed in all its splendor.

5 · Structure


Here is a proposal for the structure of your video presentation:

  • Cover page
  • Introduction
  • Main content
  • Conclusions
  • Contact


You can create one from scratch using a blank creation, but we make it much easier for you. Choose from our templates and personalize your text, font, and images. They contain hundreds of animated resources so that you can have professional results, even with music or narration incorporated.

From a presentation

If you prefer, you can select the navigation mode "video" to easily convert a normal presentation into a video presentation.

6 · Share and download

Work collaboratively and share your Video Presentation

As always, the options to share and download your Genially will depend on your plan, but you can always create and edit from any computer.

Send a URL, not an attached document. Moreover, video presentations are perfect for embedding in your website or blog.

Update your content automatically. Measure the statistics of your content. Work collaboratively.

7 · Tricks

3 ideas maximum

The viewing time for your video presentation is limited. Try adding a maximum of three ideas within your creation so that your audience can get the main idea and your message comes across clearly.

Maximize your real-world impact

If you create a contact page, try adding interactivity by incorporating links to your website or social media pages.

8. An Amazing Video Presentation in 5 Steps


Choose from one of our templates or convert a presentation into a video.


Add collaborators to your Video presentation and create together


Edit the template by adding your own colors, images, and awesome content.


Present your creation live, share it on social media, embed it in a blog or website, or send the link.


Monitor the behavior of your audience with your video presentation.

Awesome! Now you know how to create interactive video presentations in a fast and easy way. Head over to the editor now to put it into practice. If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free!