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Interactive image

Enrich visual information with interactive content.

1 · What is it?

An interactive image is an image that has been enriched through the use of resources and interactive elements which allows us to expand upon the information represented with videos, text, embedded content, etc.

A picture speaks a thousand words!

1.1 · Estimated time to create

Less than one hour

1.2·  Level of difficulty


2 · What is it used for?

Interactive images are used to complement visual information within a photograph, illustration, or design through the use of layers of content.

Discover, interact, enrich, amaze.

3 · Who is it useful for?

If you are in the Training Sector

An interactive image allows your students to learn more about an image. Transform a simple photograph into a universe of knowledge. Try adding interactivity to a historical photograph, map, or picture of lab equipment. The possibilities are endless!

If you create Digital Content

Inform your audience about people of interest that have been photographed, explain an international conflict, or describe current news.

If you are part of a Business

Turn a product photo into an interactive catalog through the use of interactive images in which you describe each object, show a video of the object in use, and create a link to buy it in your webshop. 

4 · What are the characteristics?

4.1 · Text

Little textual content on the canvas

On the base layer, there will be no additional text aside from that which comes on the original image. You can add text by making use of windows and tooltips which expand upon the information shown, or, use any of the element sets to give your image a title.

4.2 · Pages

Interactive images are one-page documents.

4.3 · Interactivity

The basis of interactive images.

Interactivity is the basis for this type of creation. Make use of buttons and markers to draw your audience's attention to areas with extra content. You can add the information in tooltips or windows.

4.4 · Animation

The basis of interactive images.

Animation is used in order to make areas of interactivity within the image stand out. If you choose any of the objects within the category of interactive elements, remember that they are dynamic elements which already include a hover mouse effect, as well as some which have a continuous animation effect. You can also change the color of each one. 

These characteristics will make the job easier for you throughout the design of your interactive image as well as reducing the time to create.

4.5 · Integration

Enrich the visual information.

We can use embedded elements such as videos, timelines, PDFs, etc. that enrich the image and facilitate the storytelling of your creation.

4.6 · Content load

Images take precedence over text.

Interactive images are used to provide information briefly and directly. Visual content takes precedence over textual, leaving the textual content reduced to short indications within windows and tooltips.

4.7 · Navigation mode

Standard navigation.

Since we are dealing with a one-page document, we do not need to choose a navigation mode. We will leave the default standard navigation.

4.8 · Background

Add a base layer background.

The interactive image acts as its own canvas background, and therefore we cannot add any additional background as it would eliminate the uploaded image.

You can complete the design by adding a base background so that your creation looks amazing on any device.

4.9 · Format (dimensions)

It will depend on your image.

The canvas will be the size of the image that we upload in the first step of creating an interactive image. Keep this in mind when it comes time to choose an image to be enriched.

4.10 · Display options

Keep the Interactivity Indicator activated.

Among the display options, you can keep the share genially option activated.

Keep the Interactivity Indicator activated to help your audience find the interactive elements.

Remember to keep the Full screen option activated in order to see all the details in your image.

5 · Structure

All information will be found within the same page. There is no set structure seeing as you will distribute the elements on the image itself. Set your creativity free!

6 · Share and download

Spread your message with style. As always, the options for sharing and downloading your genially will depend on your plan. Downloading your creation in JPG or PDF isn't recommended as they tend to be highly interactive. If you want to download your creation, do it in HTML5 to maintain interactivity and animation. However, remember that content embedded from the web (video, audio, etc.) will not work without a connection to the internet.

7 · Tricks

The perfect image

You can upload an image from your computer, add one from a URL, or navigate through the Unsplash gallery to find an image that best fits the content you want to share.

Animated interactivity

Try choosing an animated image instead of a static one for your creation. You can upload animated images in gif format to give your interactive image that special touch.