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Interactive cards

Animated and interactive click-to-actions

1 · What is it? 

An interactive card is a very visual creation that transmits a clear and direct message to your audience, inviting them to interact directly with the creation. 

1.1 · Estimated time to create

One hour

1.2 ·  Level of difficulty


2 · What are they used for? 

Interactive cards are useful for sharing awesome moments with your audience, or for transmitting an important idea. You can create invitations, make an announcement, present your product or service, etc.

Invite, share, present, announce

3 · Who is it useful for?

If you are in the Training sector: 

Plant a seed of knowledge, garner enthusiasm over a topic by putting a clue on the first page which will make your students want to learn more and, therefore, go on to the second. 

If you create Digital content: 

Give details of an event or important announcement in two parts.  Create hype.

If you are part of a Business: 

Present your product in a unique way. Make your audience want to learn everything about it by posing a small riddle on the first page which will be solved on the second. Or, unveil your next marketing campaign. 

4 · What are the characteristics?

4.1 · Text

Visual information takes precedence.

Interactive cards have a low textual content load. Images take precedence in this type of creation.

4.2 · Pages

They are always 2 pages. 

4.3 · Interactivity

Interactivity between pages.

The interactivity in this type of creation is reduced, almost exclusively, to the connection between the two pages, which allows the audience to move from one page to the next. However, you can always link your social networks or add information about an event in layers.

4.4 · Animation

Use entrance animation to situate the elements.

The four types of animation can be applied in an interactive card. Entrance and exit effects can enrich your creation. If you add interactive elements, remember to help your audience locate them through the use of animation. 

4.5 · Integration

Enrich the visual information.

Since interactive cards have little content, they can be complemented by integrating music or audio in order to further engage your audience.  Try embedding videos, maps, or audio to add information to your creation.

4.6 · Content load

Direct and clear messages.

The content load is low. Direct text and images that facilitate the understanding of the content of your creation should take precedence.

4.7 · Navigation modes


Select the microsite navigation mode. Remember to add interactivity between pages in order to connect both sides of your creation. 

4.8 · Background

Only base backgrounds.

Ideally, there would be no canvas background, but only a base background. This way, your creation will look amazing on any device.

4.9 · Format (dimensions)


​The canvas can be any size that we want. However, they are usually square and 1200 x 1200 px., ready to be shared on social media and messaging apps.

4.10 · Display options 

Keep the Interactivity Indicator activated.

Among the display options, you can keep the Share genially option activated.

 Keep the Interactivity Indicator activated to help your audience find the interactive elements. 

Remember to keep the Full screen option activated in order to see all the details in your image. 

5 · Structure

The information is spread out over two pages. The first contains text that hooks your audience and makes them want to learn more. On the second page, the response to a question posed is revealed or information from the first page is complemented with more details. 

6 · Share and download

Spread your message with style. As always, the options for sharing and downloading your genially will depend on your plan, but you can always create and edit from any computer.The ideal way to share your creation is by using the link to view the exclusive page. You can download it in PDF or JPG in order to print it or add it as a static header on your favorite social network.The ideal way to share your creation is by using the link to view the exclusive page. You can download it in PDF or JPG in order to print it or add it as a static header on your favorite social network.

7 · Tricks

Playing with shapes

Try using images that are zoomed out on the cover page which will be revealed in its entirety on the second page. Brilliant!

8 · Your interactive card in 5 steps


Select the template that best fits the content you want to show.


Add collaborators to your genially and create together.


Add interactive elements and resources to enrich your creation.


Share your creation on social networks, it's its natural environment!


Monitor the behavior that your audience had with your creation.