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Bring your designs to life with Genially

A universe of possibilities

Facing a design project, the ideal situation is to surround yourself with tools that help you, in an easy way, to accomplish and complete your project quickly. If you also want to bring it to life with interactivity and animation, Genially is the tool for you.

In this course, by the hand of Javi, Lead Designer at Genially, discover how this tool can help you complete your design project quickly, giving it life with interactivity and animation, without having to go through complex design programs and without needing to program even one line of code. It will be awesome for you when it comes time to upload the content to any website. Do you want to know how? Let’s go.

Hi! My name is Javi. I am the Lead Designer at Genially and I am going to tell you how this tool can help you, in an easy way, to create or complete a design project quickly by bringing it to life with interactivity and animation. You don’t have to use complex design programs or program even one line of code. It’s great when it comes time to upload content on any website. Do you want to know how? Let 's go!

Why is genially useful for designers?

Genially is a beneficial tool for anyone who creates content. I’ll tell you why:

Minimize efforts and maximize results

First, an aspect that, I believe, is the most important. You can reduce the work of many people into the work of one. For example, we can be amazing designers but weaker when it comes to programming, or vice versa. Let’s make the most out of our knowledge and have Genially step in in those points that we have less mastery, without needing a bigger team.

It gives us visibility.

You can link, any time you want, your website or social media to your project. This way, if your work is shared, your data will always be reachable with a simple click, within your design. You’ll be even closer to your next goal.

Updates in an instant.

Imagine that your work is already uploaded to one or more websites, shared on social media, … and you realize there is a mistake, or after some time you want to update some data or replace a resource. The only thing you have to do is make the corresponding change in your Genially within your original project, and done! You don’t have to worry about where you’ve uploaded or shared your creation since the change takes effect, instantly, everywhere your genially is published. 

What can be made in Genially?

As designers, Genially gives us infinite possibilities. We can use it as our only creation tool or as a support to give our projects that final touch. Here are some ideas: 

Interactive portfolio:

To present your CV or resume in a much more original, visual, eye-catching and effective way.

Animated post:

To announce an event, share motivational messages, or create greeting cards of all kinds.

Infographic/Interactive image:

Add various layers of information in just one piece of content (audio, videos, maps, images, text, …). Create the stars of social media, infographics, in a few clicks and with the extra benefits of interactivity and animation. Perfect for all media.

Gamified content:

What if you created a quiz to entertain your audience and ensure they have fun?

How does our Creative Coordinator do it?

For me, an essential battle partner to use together with Genially is Photoshop.

If I ever need to illustrate or retouch images, I use this Adobe program.

First, I create the base and then divide it into layers (independent files) if I consider it necessary. Once inside my genially, I only have to put the pieces together like a puzzle, give it animation, and above all, interactivity. Genially gives us options and results that cannot be achieved with other tools from the Adobe creative suite.

Keep in mind that you can upload all kinds of graphic content into Genially if you save it in standard formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG, or GIF.

Step by step

Let 's use this illustration in which we can see key characters from 80s films as an example. We can see that as a simple image it is completely valid, but with Genially we can always go a step further. Let 's make it interactive!

Uploading the image

Simply add the illustration from the category “Interactive Image”.  Now, the idea is that by clicking on each character we are shown, with the use of a window, who it is or what movie they are from. This way, we are adding gamification to the illustration, making it interactive and immersive as well as adding value.

Invisible areas

How do we do it? Easy. In Genially, you have the invisible area available. This is an element that, while editing, you can freely place in any zone, to which you can then apply interactivity, and it will be invisible upon presenting while still maintaining the interactive area.

Add invisible areas until all of the characters that form part of the illustration are covered. Add a window with the corresponding information to each of these areas.

Your Brand

Finally, include a link to your social media onto your logo. Then it 's ready.

Share with the world

We have an illustration, that we can almost consider a game, in which we didn’t have to know absolutely anything about programming to give it interactivity. It is ready to be embedded in our website or blog, copying the iframe or script and pasting it in the corresponding HTML box, therefore ensuring that, if shared, our audience will always have a link to our social media, ready for you to be contacted and be offered new challenges, as well as making easy to give you credit for your creations.

That 's it! I hope you found it interesting. If you think that this course could be relevant for others, feel free to invite them to be part of the Genially Academy.

Now you have to put what you have learned into practice, develop it as much as you can, which is another way to learn. I’m sure you will amaze your audience with your awesome creations.

Thank you and see you next time!